Core Projects Overview


The new rules of the games for developing new partnerships need a deep strategy thinking. Innovation is like a go game or a chess game: sets of rules are to be implemented through a logical and analytical strategy planning. Social-IN3 partners apply a rigorous strategy that leads to an experts’ level of planning.


XXIst successful ventures do not consider their markets as extern sources of income and resources: on the contrary strategic alliances lead to partnerships with clients, and that is exactly the way social-IN3 is working with its clients.


Half of the partners of Social-IN3 are web or Internet pioneers teaching at recognized universities and did implement, and are still implementing new web content developments and diffusion methods. It is also a habit for our cooperative to organize open think tanks sessions with clients, partners and colleagues to exchange about new ideas and developments in web engineering.


Managing innovation is like raising up rare butterflies. You easily break wings by wanting to move or press situations. Our garden of innovation needs a lot of trust and confidence to be well managed.


Some of our guests and colleagues or even partners believe we are “geeks” because every member of social-IN3 cooperative is technology addict. This passion of early adopters for technology is transformed into systems engineering talent for the management of new techniques.


Half f the members of our cooperative are teaching as professors or senior lectures. We are all more or less active in pedagogy, which is why we foster an idea of pedagogy 2.0


More than strategy for “this” or “that” our society in general needs many strategies for rethinking solutions for recurring problems. At social-IN3 we deliver new models developed in common with our partners for the new XXIst century strategies.


Expression of modern (and contemporary) project management is supported by a business-plan idea with clearly recognizable milestones. At social-IN3 the business-plan culture is a way of implementing new ideas and confront them immediately to a quick reality check.


Spocial-IN3 experts are all active in distance learning for more than 10 years. We know what is working and what is not, because we live through it and use it. Test distance learning with us as a new architecture of knowledge dissemination!